Moecounter Examples - Sefinek API v2 📃

This webpage showcases different themes for the Moe counter and allows you to see it in action with customizable parameters.

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Example 1: number=0123456789&length=10&theme=asoul

Moe counter with Asoul theme

Example 2: number=0123456789&length=10&theme=rule34

Moe counter with Rule34 theme

Example 3: number=0123456789&length=10&theme=moebooru

Moe counter with Moebooru theme

Example 4: number=0123456789&length=10&theme=gelbooru

Moe counter with Gelbooru theme

In the traditional version, the counter increments immediately after dispatching a request to the server.
In this variant, you have the option to manually specify the value through a parameter, which will then be exhibited on the counter.