Genshin Stella Mod API 😻

API v5 dedicated for: Genshin Stella Mod

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🌍 » Endpoints

[200] GET /api/v5/genshin-stella-mod/stats/downloads
[200] GET /api/v5/genshin-stella-mod/launcher/updates
[200] GET /api/v5/genshin-stella-mod/launcher/news
[200] GET /api/v5/genshin-stella-mod/version/app/{launcher || reshade || fpsUnlocker}
Get information on the application versions, including whether they're in beta, the release date, and their size.
[200] GET /api/v5/genshin-stella-mod/version/app/launcher/resources
[200] GET /api/v5/genshin-stella-mod/version/tier/{2 = Favorite Kitten || 3 = Trusted cat}
Get information about the tiers of benefits for patrons.


The network infrastructure is under constant surveillance by the administrator.
Any attempts to access authorized endpoints with the intent of causing technical damage will result in an immediate ban.
Furthermore, it is important to note that endpoints that require authentication have not been included in this documentation.

🤔 » Can I use this API?

Yes, but please inform me beforehand if you intend to use this version of the API.
Additionally, please provide a clear and valid reason for your intended use.